Ermineskin (Hobbema) Residential School

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Primary Name(s): Ermineskin (Hobbema)

Location: Hobbema, AB

Religious Entity(ies): Catholic

Operating Dates: 1895 -1975

Roman Catholic missionaries established a boarding school just west of Hobbema, in what is now Alberta, in 1894. Ill health and overcrowding were problems in the school’s early years. In 1903, three children died of tuberculosis, while a government survey in the 1920s concluded that fifty per cent of the students at the school were infected with tuberculosis. The federal government assumed complete responsibility for the facility in 1969. The residence closed in the early 1970s, and the educational facilities were transferred to the Ermineskin Band in 1979.

Remembering the Following Students:

Date of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Billy Colder
Not known
Emilien Morin
Frank Brown
Helen A. Oldpan
Jean-Baptiste Whitebear
1937-01-01 – 1937-01-31
John Peter Memekwesiw
Not known
Lawrence Pany Ermineskin
Leo Larocque
1938-05-01 – 1938-05-31
Leonard Piché
Not known
Marie Caroline Cardinal
Mary Lightning
Philomene Laroque
Not known
Stev Wolfe
1928-11-01 – 1928-11-31

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