Lac la Biche (Notre Dame des Victoires) Residential School

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Primary Name(s): Lac la Biche (Notre Dame des Victoires)

Location: Lac la Biche, AB

Religious Entity(ies): Catholic

Operating Dates: 1893 -1898

Missionaries established a residential school in Lac la Biche in present-day Alberta in the early 1850s. In 1862 a new school and orphanage opened, but the school was closed in 1872 due to poor enrollment numbers. In 1877 federal funding was provided for a new school, and by 1894 the government recognized the school as an industrial school. In 1898 the industrial school was transferred to the Blue Quills reserve, and in 1905 a new boarding school opened at Lac la Biche. The school buildings were renovated in 1941, and closed in 1963.

Although this page does not include a list of students who passed away or went missing, the Centre acknowledges that students could have passed away at this school. Further research and community engagement will help us better understand the fate of the students who died at residential school, and the names of students may be added here in the future.

Remembering the Following Students:

Date of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albertine Hupse
Not known
Alexandrine Ladoucer
Not known
Angelique Kakekamic
Not known
Not known
Harrie Traill
Not known
Jack B
Not known
Jemmy Cris
Not known
Julie Natakam
Not known
Katy Traill
Not known
Liza Farguson
Not known
Louise Weasel Tail
Not known
Marie Kakitomustus ‘Leduc’
Not known
Marie Lalonde
Not known
Marie Natakam
Not known
Melanie Cardinal
Not known
Rosalie Mustatip
Not known
Veronique Houle
Not known

Survivor Support

Accessing and viewing records within the NCTR Archives may be a traumatic experience for Survivors and their families. If at any time you feel the need to speak with someone, a national crisis line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Residential School Survivor Support Line:

If you wish to know more about any of the names in this register, please fill out the
Third Party Inquiry Form, and send it to:

Phone: 204-480-1091
Toll Free: 1-855-415-4534 (North America)
Fax: 204-474-7533
Mail: National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation
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